Praying Scripture

Yahushua (Jesus) is the Word of God (John 1:1), therefore we should pray scripture often, as when we pray this way, we are literally praying the essence of who Yahushua is into the atmosphere. There is nothing more powerful than praying the very words that are Ruach HaKodesh, (Holy Spirit) breathed words from His Holy Word which is alive!

It is also very powerful to verbally pray the Holy scriptures, as when we are aligned as One heart with Yahushua, we carry the same power and authority on earth as it is in Heaven, given to us from our Father. There is great power in the spoken Word of Father, so pray it as often as you are led. Yahushua Himself prayed the scriptures and taught His disciples to do the same. It glorifies God the Father to pray this way, and keeps your focus on your prayer intentions.

Praying scripture is praying complete and total truth into this realm. Pray with confidence as you read the scriptures on your specific needs, and you will also find you will learn scripture more quickly when you pray them as well as read and study them. No matter what prayers you are seeking answers to, you will find scriptures to pray, counseling you on that particular subject.

We have included a very comprehensive and categorized list of topics for you here, should you wish to choose from these to help you find supporting scriptures for your prayer intentions.

Never cease praying, and believe in all Father has promised us!


Bible Verses By Category

Biblecat is a web site that groups scripture by topic, and it is a good resource for all of us. Father has said that in every situation He presents to each of us that we need to respond with His Word only. His Word alone is life, and when we speak it in faith, The Holy Spirit moves powerfully on our behalf and on the behalf of others.

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