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Prayed for 11 times.


Im in need of prayer. I’ve been targeted for at least 10 years. I have been able by the grace of God to stand and not succumb to the enemy. I have no family and 1 or 2 friends who live away from here. I minister in song and I have stopped because of the attacks I receive from slander is too painful. I have isolated. My twin was brutally murdered 7 years ago & I'm not sure I’ve even dealt with because so much was going on at the time. And I’m so tired. I need His strength. I went to a fellowship (first time there) about 40 miles from here this past Sunday night. I just wanted to fellowship and worship with believers. I didn’t know anyone. Lo and behold another target TI was speaking. She was very encouraging. She has a global prayer group. I had been praying to meet another Christian who knew about the targeting to talk to. I thought it was an answer to prayer. I came home and sent her a message how happy I was to meet her and thank her for her encouraging message. I also found the prayer group and sent a friend request. Yesterday my request was rejected. There’s so much rejection in this program. I know he’s teaching me warfare, but today I’m in need. I realize the Lord is most likely protecting me....however my heart aches beyond words. He’s my redeemer and I trust in Him. However, I am so tired in my spirit. Please pray for me. I’m ready to do whatever he asks (move, die for him, whatever). I pray you understand what I’m talking about....I know He does. The Lord knows it all.

Received: December 24, 2019

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