Praying As One in Our Father

Prayer is Our Most Powerful Weapon!

Global Prayer Warriors Arise!

Welcome to the Global Prayer Warriors website, and thank you for your interest in joining us as we unite our hearts in Father, interceding for the lost and lifting up each other’s prayer requests. This site is designed to connect the Bride of Yahushua together through 24-hour intercessory prayer, as well serve as a platform for intercessory prayer for the lost. Father has shown me a network of His remnant around the world who will be united, praying unceasingly, as a grid is formed by His Spirit and His heart through all those who will be praying. 

This site is to be used exclusively for prayer requests at this time. This is in addition to all those who have committed to praying with Father in The Garden during the 24-hour global prayer watch, as is listed on the 24-hour prayer calendar. 

Becoming a member is free, just sign up with a user-name and password and agree to the statement of beliefs in order to join and post your prayer requests. You can use your first name in your post or choose to remain anonymous. 

Due to the nature of what Father has asked in regard to this site and its purpose, we have written a few guidelines that we ask you to follow in order that your requests be posted: 

1. All submitted prayer requests will be moderated before being posted publicly.

2. If your request contains content that is outside these guidelines, it may not be published.

3. By submitting your request, you agree to the terms stated and also give permission for the moderators to remove any words or phrases that fall outside our guidelines before publishing. 

4. We ask that all prayer requests refer only to prayers to Yahuah (God the Father), Yahushua (Jesus the Messiah) or His Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit). 

5. Because this is a non-denominational prayer site, please refrain from mentioning man’s rituals or practices used by organized religions in your prayer requests. 

6. Please do not write personal comments or opinions about topics not related to prayer. 

7. Please refrain from including names of other sites, links, or referrals of any kind to other websites or topics. This also includes prophecies or messages of any kind. 

8. These terms and guidelines are to ensure that the integrity of the site and Father’s purpose for it remain intact. 

Thank you again and may Father bless you and protect you always! 


Global Warriors Prayer Team 

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